Friday, February 10, 2006

Amazing how wonders never cease

Usually I find only maybe once a month to do this, but to hit it twice in one week is truly amazing. I guess with my birthday coming around the corner and the untimely death of a member of several of the stitching bulletin boards I frequent, has got me in a reflective mood.

Just thinking of the reaction to the death of this young lady...she was only in her late 20's.... has me thinking of how many people's lives have I touched and have I touched them in the "right" way? Have I been caring, fun loving and enjoying of their company and have they been of me. Do they look to me as being need of being the center of attention for the conversations I have dominated or knowledgeable and just wanting to help.

Have I set a decent example for dd? I know I am the worst housekeeper and I let things pile up until they need to be done. I have even on occasion ignored dd when she has specifically wanted something only because I have been so focused on what I have wanted/needed to do first. I have yelled at her to get things done or whatever just to get my point across when nothing else seems to get through. I hope that she knows I love her and don't want her to have to make the mistakes I have simply because she is SOOOOOO much like me, it is scary. While there are plenty of things that I like about myself and I hope dd is like me, there have been things in my life that I have messed up and I hope I can keep her from doing too.

The legacy I hope to leave behind is a good one, one that says I enjoyed life lots and did what I can to make a difference in whomever I met or touched. I hope my dd shows those values as well. I hope my family and friends know how much they mean to me, in lots of instances more than words could ever describe. It is just a shame that life has to throw something as senseless or traumatic as this your way to get your attention, get refocused and really evaluate what life is for you. And it is, as wonders never cease, that life finds the right time when you need it most to do it. :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Here it is again......

Just over a month since I have been back here. Things while not totally crazy haven't let up enough to allow me to catch up in anything. I just hate that. I also have never been the type to get into diaries weekly or whatever. It has always been when the mood hits. It is never a good thing. Right now the TV is off and DD is driving me me nuts trying to do her homework. She's doing aliteration sentences with her spelling words but it has been like "pulling teeth" to get her to do it. Furthermore she forgot her math homework at school and it was supposed to be her basketball practice night. This is 2 in a row we missed. It has been a busy couple of days at work with month end close and the auditors looking over our stuff. I just want to get inot project accounting and get all my projects caught up. I have pictures to download to my website too, only taken this weekend but no time to dump them to put them on the page.

Let me run as I'd like to catch up on a few things before the vicious cycle of work starts again tomorrow.