Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Goals and other stuff

Well another month is upon us and I'd really like to get a push on to get things done....

Here's my goal list for the month:

Finish bookmark in 1st weekend (has to be mailed by 7th)
Stitcher's blessing the 4 corners done
1 side of Apache wedding or the middle verse
More on Gift of Peace
Start on High Flight.......and whatever else hits me...

In other news dd got her ears pierced yesterday. We had talked about it last August but decided to wait. Well while waiting for DH to get his haircut, we went in the toy store and then over to Claires. I mentioned about her getting them done and she thought about it. I told her she'd need to be the main one responsible for initial care...and she said she really wanted to do it. So now they are done with her birthstones. They look nice and she said she only wanted to do them once and that was it. We will see when she's older.

Well let me will be late with the hour of sleep we lose tonight.