Thursday, December 17, 2015

Maybe starting over...

I'm sorry that I abandoned this blog for over a year but life got crazy on somethings and others didn't quite treat me as well as I'd like. I'm just hoping 2016 will be that much better for me. 2015 saw the kiddo graduate from high school and have her first semester in college. She participated in the college's marching band in the color guard and was 1 of only 5 on the rifle line. We saw 4 of the games and the show was really good. School-wise I think she did OK in the first semester but she didn't know what to expect entirely so timing on things killed a few of her grades. I think she now knows better and will be better next semester etc. I'm back out looking for work yet again and I'm sure age is a big issue. I tried 2 jobs and they lasted about 3 months each. Kind of tough on the self-esteem when you know you can do the job but people are looking past you. Need to find the balance on a lot of levels again and find something that will spring me back up. Stitching has been at a stand still cause some of the fabric holes seem small and I need to go get a magnifier.

So hopefully I'll be back here and paying attention more but just not sure about it.