Thursday, June 19, 2008

What's been going on here....

Ok… So where have I been???

Let me preface this by saying, I had placed up a blog meme a month or 2 ago and shortly there after got a rather surprising comment from someone I hadn’t seen in a while or heard from in a very long time. Someone who figured out who I was based on the signature and other things and must have made a little bit of an effort to track me down and it kind of shook me up a bit. It made me wonder if I really wanted to keep blogging about things in general…both with my work life, my hobbies and my family. I kind of have decided to sneak back on and experiment and see what happens. I might just pull this down or go to password/ permissions only eventually.

Anyway that being said here's the latest......
February came and went after a rather hectic schedule which including karate, basketball practices and games, and honors chorus practices; along with Valentine’s Day and couple of birthdays. March and April had a minor breather as we lost the basketball stuff but everything else was running along. May got busy yet again with the end of the year stuff and it was even more as important as it was the last of the Elementary school stuff.

Early May was her karate tournament and she walked in very confident that she’d get a trophy since she did the prior year. She performed exceeding well; but didn’t quite have enough to make the top 4 in any of the three disciplines. She received a medal and our appreciation including my folks who got to watch her perform. It took us over probably an hour and maybe two of a crying fit to convince her that she wasn’t bad but maybe need to work a bit more to perfect her skills and others happen to have a bit better day than her.

Mid May was the Honors Chorus concert which was totally and utterly fantastic. 200+ kids from elementary schools all over the northern half of the county singing in multi-part harmonies, signing one song in parts and just having a good time considering they learned 11 songs in only 10 practice sessions (2 were snowed out). I am supposed to have a CD and DVD on order for it; but have yet to see it though it has only been a month since the concert basically.

End of the month was the school choral and instrumental concert (DD had double duty for that as she played flute in the advanced group). Beginning of June she played for the after school place she goes (graduation for the younger kids). She was asked back in March or so to do it and EVERYONE complimented her on doing such a great job. During the last week of school, she received 8 awards during the ceremonies and her promotion ceremony came along. Neatest thing was the ceremony was in the gym but the refreshment social was in the opposite corner of the building and all of the rest of the kids and teachers set-up aligning the halls to applaud not only the kids moving on but their parents as well. It got to me a bit.

Well, that being said I have been stitching on stuff for other people and not myself lately and I really need to get back to it. I crashed my laptop a few weeks ago (7 years old and not upgraded and bought from a former employer that went bankrupt for like $150.00) by redoing the registry without the disks and such. I didn’t feel too bad about loosing it like that but it did bother me some because I really want to learn how to fix stuff like that. I also play online at various game spots and one I’m very near 1000 badges….my original goal was end of the year but they have piled on quickly so now it is by the end of the summer I want to hit that goal….so if I’m not stitching or hanging on the boards….you’ll probably find me there or watching summer basketball games that the kiddo is in or her karate (red 1 stripe- going for red 2 this summer) and belt test or summer birthdays and activities

Anyway, that’s it here for now…..I’m going to try to be more accessible and visible here and on my boards!! If you made it thus far… deserve a medal.