Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well here's what's up.....

The Sky ( just kidding).

DD passed her latest belt test and is now a red belt 2 stripes. So close to black that she can almost taste it (just 3 levels of brown yet to go before black). 1st marking period is just about done and she looks like she will make honor roll even after the bumps throughout the marking period. Needless to say that we are pleased with it. Basketball starts in roughly more than a month...YIKES!!!

I still haven't quite made up my mind about school but I am leaning hard and heavy toward it. I do know that having a license or more than just a BS is going to be needed soon to move upto management level and make more than decent $$.

My big news of the day is that we are in the midst of re-doing our bathrooms. We are 3 days in and we basically have 2 gutted out rooms because we are waiting on a reorder on the had the drain on the wrong side. By Thanksgiving we will have 2 redone bathrooms and I can't wait.

Better run here as things to do. It is close to November 4th in the US so remember to go vote!!!