Thursday, July 24, 2008

2 posts on back to back days.....

Wow...I'm amazing myself here... ( no comments entirely from the peanut gallery please ;) )

Can someone tell me where the summer has gone please???? 5 weeks from Tuesday my sweet dd will be starting middle school. Wasn't it just the middle of June like 2 days ago???

What got me looking at this was the date and such. In my family we have a LOT of summer birthdays and a week from tomorrow dd turns to double 1s (11). Her birthday is a slight signal to me that the summer is on its way out as it is usually 3 1/2 weeks until summer is over.

When I mean a lot of family birthdays...I mean a lot!! We have 2 ( would have been 3 had my uncle not passed away from cancer at a relatively young age) in June, 3 in July and 5 in August and my parent's anniversary also. You kind of understand why summer runs quickly when we get together so much as family for all of these.

DD has been enjoying probably her last year of camp with the after school place she goes ( she won't be there this fall). They have gone to a Mystics game, hersheypark, medievel times, the aquarium, bowling and a few other things. All in all a good time.

Well my break from work is about done and I need to get back at it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Seen this on a bunch of Blogs and had to add mine too

I also can claim Canada several times over with 2 seperate trips to Niagra Falls, Toronto for a high school band trip, Montreal for a former job and twice to England