Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Week for the Ages....NOT!

Firstly, here's the update from Saturday. The gals played really well. All of the 9 of the gals played at least 2 quarters and 4-5 of them played a portion 1/2 a quarter passed that. I feel like we did well with the subbing etc. DD even scored 1 basket and had shots up a couple of more times. That was the highlight of the week as it has tumbled downhill to the incredible low of last night.

First I started with sinus/cold like symptoms Saturday night at dinner and they have only progressed to get worse as the week has gone along. Right now it is sitting on my throat and I just feel a little tired and a little miserable (isn't amazing as you get older the less you like being least in my case). It was inevitable that I'd come down with something, my boss and hubby were both at least sneezing or worse Friday or before that.

Place on top of that being at work late Friday and Monday until 8-8:30 both nights...which wouldn't be bad except we have a temp who has spent more time running kid errands,on the phone or email, or seeming wandering than actually working. Itwouldn't be as bad if we weren't on a tight deadline close. Also add to the fact that for about a day or so, that our network drive where most of our excel files was either down or malfunctioning.... and then discovering that one account needed a part reclassed for the entire year! Both my boss and I were pretty unhappy.

I got home kind of early last night and was looking forward to "just chillin" and the convertor box on this one TV started acting up again and the person I talked to, I don't feel entirely knew what was going on. thought we fixed it but none of the movie channels came back so I unplugged it and ended with a black screen TV all nigth...stuck a DVD in but still just added to the aggrivation.

Finally when I dropped dd off yesterday, I reminded her that she needed to get the majority of her homework done because she had b-ball practice and we still had the city balls from Saturday. she had only 1/2 her math done and none of her spelling (easy stuff...5 pics and rainbow words). I let her go to practice only cause I thought she could handle the math and wouldn't have a bunch of errors (wrong) but she wasn't focused and ended up until 10pm finishing everything.

I ended up yelling at her cause everything got to me all at once and I feel soooo guilty about it now. She gets it soooooo honestly, it isn't funny. She's a sharp cookie doing 1-2 levels above in math and 1 level above in reading. It's like she just doesn't hear me or want to hear when things get done. I still might have to treat her to something on monday though just as a partial make-up since I SOOOO lost it on her. She does have her paperwork for her belt tes, but after doing things like she did yesterday......I just don't know about letting her test.

Today has been ok thus far and maybe things will finally calm down.

Hopefully my sanity will follow suit and I can get back to stitching this weekend.....just haven't wanted to since it is "obligation" stitching and pass my crud along.


Emma said...

Sounds like a rough week. I hope things are better today!

Margaret said...

I hope that the rest of your week gets better!!!

xsquared said...

I hope things are better today!

~Tammy said...

Big hugs being sent your way! Hope this week was better for you.