Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Random rambles

Sorry that it has been almost a month to leave another blog post but as life would have it, it threw things up left and right.

I think we are close if not done with the auditors at work but my boss seems to have been thrown into another project (a potential acquistion is the speculation..she's doing a lot of the due diligence) which left myself and one of the guys in our group as the main ones riding the close but there have been issues. Toss into this homework and fibbing bissues with dd and I just haven't had time to really pay attention to this.

We have most of it cleared up but dd has been down sick past couple of days with Strep.....its bad when she feels tired enough not to want to paly in a basketball game Saturday..(she loves the game too much) but she really wasn't showing signs of anything drastic. It only really showed itself, Monday night. DH and I split my b-day(Tuesday) home with her and today we were here all day shovelling out from the mess that hit our area.

Birthday here wasn't that big of a will be this weekend though, took Friday off and dd will be back in school as long as the weather and roads are clear which I anticipate will be the case. My folks are taking her for an overnight Saturday so we will have a ggod time.

More on work, bonuses were handed out that Friday right afer my last entry and I got a nice one. Spent some of the money on fabbie for Enchanted Fairy and a bit more retail therapy, which is for a holiday present as long as I find time to do it.

Well now I'll add one more thing to this entry and close it out. A few weeks ago, I saw a blog with a question about 5 movies that you don't mind seeing over and over. Here's my list in no particular order except maybe #1:

1. Independence day...hubby and I quote lines from this regulary and I just can stitch through it and not miss anything. Course it doesn't hurt they focus on my area to start

2. On Golden Pond....have always said this is the story of my life and so I just enjoy it. I also like Katherine Hepburn.

3. Twister.....more lines from here, i love some of the weather terms and the effects are pretty good.

4. Pretty is just a simple story but I like it lots

5. Dirty Dancing..... was the movie I went on my first date with my first guy

Honorable mention: Titanic( love the history behind it more than the love story), Same Time Next Year (this is a special mom and I flick connection), Chronicles of Narnia( it was just well done and I remember the animated movie and reading it when I was younger), Crocodile dundee 2 ( for its scenery), Star Wars first trilogy released aka 4-6 episodes and more of Star Wars and Jedi than Empire, Men in Black the original one and probably Back to the Future 1 and 3( never EVER liked #2)

I'm sure there are other but can't think

Hope you all had a great valentine's day today and great rest of the week or so until my next post


Kristin said...

Glad you are back and posting. Don't wait so long between posts.

xsquared said...

Nice to see you blogging again, but no need to apologize - real life always comes first! Hope things calm down a bit for you soon. Congrats on the bonus!

Do you work in finance, by any chance? Your mentioning of auditors and close sounds just like my husband's job :)

the Wild One in the DC area said...

Megan...yep I'm an accountant....non public work for companies and usually working on general ledger stuff and closing books monthly.

Margaret said...

I love your movie list! I need to do one of those.

Good to see you back when you can find time to post....