Thursday, March 22, 2007

Part 1: The Mom's Curse

Remember when you were younger and your mother would tell you as you gave her trouble, may you be blessed with a child that is just like you or even a touch worse.I’m here to say that the mom’s curse is a sure thing. Too many times on occasion lately have I seen that dd is SOOOO much like me at her age that it wasn’t funny. She is better in a few things than I was but she is every bit her mother in a lot of things.

The beginning of this current year, with all that has been going on, we have had issues with dd in school. She has been in the classroom during recess making up assignments for things that she either forgot to bring home or was too disorganized to keep track of to do. She then decided that if we didn’t ask to see her assignment book, she wouldn’t volunteer it, knowing that the teacher had placed negative comments in there. DH and I wouldn’t see the notes until we finally would force or remember to sign the book several days later. It got so bad that finally we had to go in for a conference with the teacher. The teacher basically said that in the past couple months that both she and the math teacher had noticed that dd wasn’t always as focused as she should be. She’d “laze” through a test like she knew the information or not completely read all the directions or just generally allow herself to get sidetracked in school. Her math teacher said, if there were like 7 problems in a row on a sheet of paper, dd would get the first 6 and just not think on the 7th and get it wrong or not go back and correct it. We explained that it would take her most of the evening to do homework and the teacher said it sounded like we had the same trouble in both places. We have in the past couple weeks tried to treat homework as a challenge…..give her a timer to see if she can get the stuff done well and correctly and it seems to have been working. She has been able to get things done in the timeframe (usually with a bit to spare) and has been able to play outside with the neighborhood kids for a bit most nights since the time switch. I think she just generally needed the wake up call as did we that life needed to try to get back to some semblance of normalcy for us.

After talking to my mother about all that has been going on, she reminded me of how much she used to have to do the same thing….go behind me if my hair wasn’t brushed well, or homework was only ½ done or whatever…… it just truly shows how well the mom’s curse works. I have the sweet loveable kid but does she give me issues and grey hairs. So if you think the mom’s curse doesn’t work, think again and go reflect on your childhood and see if I’m not right.

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Margaret said...

Sometimes it's such a joy to see ourselves in our children. Sometimes it's such a challenge! Good for you and dd for figuring out ways to make school work for her!