Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A few more minor updates on DD since last post

I'm one proud mama but I'm looking at a VERY crazy schedule coming up this Winter into Spring......

DD made honor roll for the first quarter...mostly B's..a couple A's....a mix of O's and S's and all I's in Learning skills(I is best there...equals independent)....surprised the heck out of me on that last one.

She also passed her belt test in the middle of October and is a proud purple belt!!! She will either be a red or red 1 stripe when the next tournament hits, which I think judging from last time should be sometime in April.

Basketball starts with a vengenance this weekend( the clinic day) and then the next 2 Saturdays as practice before the new year. I'm guessing a Tuesday practice night after the new year (same coach for the last 3 years and it has always been then). That will be January through the end of February, with games on Saturdays.

Late 2 weeks ago, DD states" Guess what ....I made honors chorus"...... WHAT?!?! She hadn't said anything to us but tried out and was one of 3 from her school's 5th grade class to make it in ( we are talking 40-55 kids total potentially from both classes). Impressive as she said she was the only one to identify notes on a scale(flute for over a year certainly helped). Honor's chorus starts mid February and runs thorugh mid May with a final concert.....local gals if you want the details, email me and I'll give them to you.

This is on top of flute practice and Homework every week night and karate 2x a week ( looks like it will be friday-saturday during this stretch). You don't see me around much on the boards and like(unless I'm snuck in at work...SHHH), you'll know why.


~Velda said...

don't you usually slow DOWN this time of year! lol Congrats to your dd, sounds like you all have plenty to celebrate! Purple is good :)

xsquared said...

Congrats to your DD!