Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Multitude of issues

Sorry it has taken me another month to get back here....but as stated before August tends to be very busy for me for various reasons and this one was no exception!!!

The first weekend of the month was dd's birthday and we did the family thing in which she got lots of $$ and gift cards to use. ( she has since used one of the gift cards in Kohls for a pair of black shoes).

Around this time we heard some "foot steps" in our attic right above our bedroom. Come to find out a mama raccoon had bitten her way in the side of the attic (above dd's room), climbed the gutter outside there which was coming off and prompted a lot of this stuff that happened late into weekend number 2 and start of week 3. DH took off a Thurs,Friday and then Mon-Wed of the next week. We ended up getting guys out to repair wood faschia, put the gutter back up and a trapper in our attic for like 2-3 hours to wrangle out the momma raccoon and baby. The baby was REALLY young too..barely eyes open if they were....Mamma was NOT happy getting removed. DH and DD went on vacation part of that time he was off....going down to NC and Southern VA. Add in also the cable boxes going out on 2 levels and no refresh was fixing it.

The final weekend of the month came to the point of 4 of the birthday's being celebrated at once and then dd went out with my mom to do some school clothes shopping ( we had gotten quite a bit of the supplies the previous weekend once the list came out). They had a blast and I got stuck waiting for the cable guy cause he couldn't keep the Saturday appointment. DH had gotten going with 3 football drafts of his in 4 days and then helped me with my last 1 2 days later.

School started the last week of August and was going pretty good though most of the 6th and 7th graders have been passing a bug amongst themselves (the 8th graders ignore the group of them) and dd has had it for 2 days this week. She's back in school today(Friday 9/5).

Ok....now for me. I have decided that while I am OK with this job.....it is ultimately not where I really want to be. Too many people with too many quirks and an admin that doesn't want to seem to do his job most days.

So....I've ultimately have been looking at going back to school. For those that don't know and haven't looked at my profile ...I'm an accountant who doesn't have her CPA. Long story short is that Maryland cares about classwork and graduating froma PA school...I was missing 2 classes prior to them going to the 150 hour rule. Anyway I'm just not sure if I should or really do want to do it. Time is a big thing and with dd getting even more busy...... but I REALLY can't advance higher up and make good $$ if I don't get my CPA which going back to school will do (get me the additional hours and those missing classes to sit for it). I guess I'm looking for advice and the like from y'all.

Anyway let me close this now...I've let this run for a couple of days and I just need to get it posted.


Chris said...

{{{HUGS}}} From one accountant to another. I don't have my CPA either, and have no intention of getting it. Have you thought about maybe a CMA?

Kristin said...

Good luck making a decision.

Margaret said...

I don't know much about your line of work and the education/degrees that allow you to do more of what you want. But good luck making that decision!