Thursday, November 13, 2008


Let me preface this by saying...I'll add pics when I get the chance soon.

For the bathroom stuff, I'll add a photo account page link for y'all to see as I plan on family etc to see it too and it will be easier with all the various computer speeds to let people choose what they want to look at.

That being said here's the latest:

2 weeks later and we have 2 completely redone bathrooms that look totally amazing. We went out last night to get a new shower curtain (hall bathroom) and new towels (both) just to start it out. I love the greens that we chose for our bathroom and the pinks that is in the hall/Melissa's room is amazing too. We had the floor and around the bathtub/shower(depending on which one) ceramic tiled in a stoney like color with lots of yellowy browns in it. We had a border toward the center with accent tiles that look like suns and flowers. We had brand new fans put in with lights and bright 3 sconce lights over the new vanities and recessed medicine cabinets. We also put in new toilets and toppers. The walls not tiled were painted in an antique white that has quite a bit of light yellow in it. I just LOVE the wall color. All in all it looks great.

I have somewhat gotten my groove back and jumped on the 10 challenge again after I bought a new pattern that will work in the new bathroom. I almost have my first completion as my L*K love ornie just needs a face and it will be ready for ornamentation.

Love with a Capital L is cruising along too.The double blues are very pretty with the contrasts. Again once I get the chance I'll try to post is a gift for my parents and they don't know about my blog yet.

Til later!!!


Kristin said...

Can't wait to see pics of the bathrooms.

I also want to see Love with a capital L

Megan said...

The bathrooms sound wonderful, can't wait to see!