Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Hodgepodge of my life now

Here’s what is going down in my life right now.


It has gotten busy to points and I’m glad; though there are days like today, I wish I had more in my lap to work on. It has been crazy with project accounting and quarter stuff having to be done almost on top of each other. I will be leaving here on time if I can help it since it is soccer practice night. I’m about to be working on budget, and relocation stuff for payroll for the next week or so until month end. The cycle will then repeat. The people are really nice and I’m starting to fit in I think.


I think the teenage thing is starting early for that gal. There are times that she can be sooooo stubborn. She wants to do things on her time and her terms. I must say that she gets it honestly. One thing though is that she pushes it a bit further than I used to do. My mom would allow me to pout and express it a bit but then enough was enough and I had better stop. She seems to be doing pretty well in school and loves her teacher. We have gotten used to the homework every night thing and I haven’t seen her balk at it.

She kind of likes soccer too. I am not totally thrilled with her coach and I might express it on the year end reporting. I understand that the 3rd and 4th grade girls can be chatty and she needs to install some discipline but I think she’s taking it a bit far. She had 1 girl sit out most of the last game (she would have been sitting out 1 period anyway) just for talking over her in between periods while she was giving instructions. She was also telling the gals that they will be able to add to the punishment (laps, sit-ups or whatever) during this practice coming up. I think it was punishment enough for the gal to be forced out of playing that game. We pay for the t-shirt and ref fees in order for the gals to play. The league doesn’t stress scores or winning or losing but working on skills and improving them.


Has been kind of off and on as I have been doing a bit on other “hobbies” (helping friends get their Pogo badges last week). I have stitched a bit for the stitchathon; but between the work stress and home things going on, it hasn’t been as much as I’d like. I have been working on Robins finish it piece and now will also have to push to get SIF 05 ready to move on. There are also other pieces to move ahead with too, some my stitching and some “obligation.” Well just need to push and move on ahead.

Well that’s it for now. More as time allows me to update!

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