Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Why does it seem like there's never enough time???

Well it has taken me forever yet again to post an update.... why I can't seem to find the time here or other places is beyond me. I sometimes wish for the Centaurian time mentioned in Men in Black (you know 37 hour days) but wonder if I would use the time any better with that than I do now.

Anyway moving along...work is going pretty good. I'm involved in the asset tracking team, having to write my self evaluation for Monday and get through the beginnings of November close

Stitchingwise I just helped out a friend with a piece called high flight... just sent it back to her tonight for her to finish the french knots. Otherwise it was completely finished.I am working on aduck stamp until Saturday and then I am picking up another piece from a friend while passing the duck stamp along. I am waiting for a couple of pieces of fabric to come in to kit up more projects.....like I really need to do that...but I want something new before I go back and finish out a few others that I have started and not too far from finished. I also have more obligation stitching for a few baby bibs for them. I have one started and I'm hoping the rest will move quickly.

I just want to get things organized around the house and picked up. I'd love to get some bills paid off too but things will move as they are meant to. My other hobbies are doing well. Just added a pretty neat piece to one of my favorite fan fiction sites. They have a group of writers that add sections one at a time and the next person needs to carry the story forward. Anyway I was pretty impressed with my entry and the major hosts of the group were as well even though they did polish it a bit to carry the overall "feel" of the story forward. I also have a game site where I have a good group of friends, they do weekly challenge badges every week and I'm on pace to finish current year and by next year have the back years done as well.

Anyway I need to get back stitching...so I had better run


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