Wednesday, May 31, 2006

End of the month wrapup

The month took a big turn right after I wrote my last entry. I was "laid off...aka booted" from my job for "budget streamlining" issues. The company, in my honest opinion, is running scared in some respects only cause they were running low on funds and a deal they made prior to my booting doubled their funds. So I have been on the job market and meeting with different groups. Looks like I might be close to something but we will see. stitching has been really focused on 1 piece..Stitchers Blessing and it is REALLY close to being finished. I have just 1 full block and a portion of the other and it is done. I'll try to figure how to post the pic once I'm finished with it.

As far as family goes, I am afraid that by year end my grandmother will be gone. She doesn't look good after this last chemo/radiation sessions. She hates being a bother to everybody but knows she has to rely on help.

Ok....I want to go do a few other things so here's June's somewhat lofty goals

Finisher's pieces for May and June (may to be exchanged June 3rd)
Quilt blocks
Work on Titanic piece a bit
Center poem portion of Apache Wedding
Work on Gift of Peace
Start High Flight
and if mood and time help....Queen of Freedom and/or Lady of the Flag

Catch y'all later!!!!!

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Margaret said...

I can't wait to see Stitcher's Blessing!!