Sunday, July 02, 2006

Another month on the books for 2006

Well another month has come and gone and while I stitched some and job interviewed etc. I am not entire happy with how the month went.

Job Searching

This has been the most frustrating thing. I have had people interview me first and second time and then take a pass....I have had stuff offered to me that looked in my eyes and I think in potential future employers eyes as a step down and I've turned those down hoping that something else great would come back. I just want something to help bring $$$ back in house. We aren't in bad shape, I had done something that has given us spots for more $$ but I REALLY don't want to push into it too far. The worst thing is I feel like a reject and if it weren't my board friends...things would really look bad to me.


She is loving camp and karate. So much so that we have special offer that lowers monthly price for a bit and we might be taking advantage of it. Her report card was great too...2 s's and 2b's and the rest was A's and O's. She's being challenged with the B classes so I'm not upset. My biggest beef is that there are spots about completing assignments and were times at school where she lost focus to remember to bring things home. She could be so much better and I know the karate will help with that. She is so loving a wide range of things and loving playing with neighborhood friends too. She has basketball camp at end of month and has a special gift coming on top of that for her birthday. I'll reveal that when it gets closer to the day (about a month away)


June wasn't too bad though did have about a 2 week slump. Finished up 1 piece, started and finished 2 others. I am very happy about that!!!


I want to finish 3 remaining quilt squares
I also want to work highly on Family
I want to do that 1 letter for finishers piece this month early on to go ahead and pass it
I also want to put decent time on WIPS and start few others I have kitted up

Well that's it from now...hugs to my board friends who have been holding me up quite a bit this past month!!!! Hopefully I'll have a job soon and can get back into lots of routines

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Margaret said...

Hang in there, Jill.