Monday, July 24, 2006

Well here is the latest and greatest


Got a long term temporary spot that hasn't been too busy right now. Not sure what to think of it but we will see.


Last week or so haven't been stitching cause of a strained neck and it has been causing headaches and pressure in my ears. I think it has finally died down but I'm giving it a day or 2 more til I start up stitching again.


Got her new belt in a little over a month...went from white to gold!! She's also going to basketball camp this week and had a blast today. Can't believe her birthday is coming soon!!!!


Margaret said...

Yay! You're back blogging again. I hope the job works out.

Vicki said...

(((Hugs))) hon. Hope everything works out with the new job. It'll probably take some time to get adjusted to it as it's a new place but I'm sure things will be okay. Congratulations to DD on her belt. That's awesome!

~Velda said...

congrats to your little one, what an accomplishment!!!! I hope you're feeling better by now and back to stitching :)