Wednesday, August 09, 2006

CHhhhannges and what's the saying .........

Most of what I am about to post here goes under one or both portions of the title. Somehow I got the David Bowie song in my mind and with the proverb of when a door closes, a window opens just seem to hit with my life right now. (this portion and the title was posted yesterday)

It just seems amazing to me that I could come up with that after what happened in the UK today. Why can't people at least learn to agree to disagree and get on with their lives? Is it some "manly macho" thing? I can't help but think if women were treated at least somewhat fairly like they are here in the US instead of "property" like they are in the Middle East that maybe some sense would prevail. One could hope at least. I only fear as I have relatives there(in UK) and plans to travel over there sometime in the near future, that maybe things will somewhat finally work themselves out.

Now getting toward the personal side of things......


Monday morning will be my last day at the long term temp spot. I had an interview this morning with a company that was looking temp to perm(only cause of quirky things that happened previously and will probably flip this job over to perm fast...if they like me and I like the job. It is a bit of a longer distance but the long term temp spot was not developing into a spot where I would want to stay,(more like an entry level and I am much more qualified than that) I start the new position Wednesday am....can't wait!!!!!


She had her birthday last week and from us this year, we got her tickets to the Mystics(ladies pro basketball game). She didn't seem happy initially with it but once at the game she loved it and got into the game!!! We also had her name added to the scoreboard which was displayed 3rd quarter. End of game we bought her a game jersey and she bought with money from her granddaddy earrings(slight dangle) with the team logo. The past weekend we did the family party where she got a 2 charms and a bracelet, money and giftcards, and some clothes which I am making her wait til school to wear!!


Did my 1 letter for finishers and maybe bit more on other pieces. I had to entirely frog out family home love cause it is longer than higher and I was stitching it backwards on the fabbie!!! YUCK!!!! Spent 2 hours to pull it all and have recovered pretty well with 1 small word and almost 3 bigger letters of one of the border words done. Hopefully will get a bunch done next week during the stitchathon. Didn't do much more cause I was fighting headaches and an ear thing(clogged ears)

Goals for august...time maybe tight

last quilt square

family home love (home and 1 line done)

finishers piece...want to put a noticeable dent in

Think that's it for now..have friends here and spending a few nights in the house and I need to be up a touch early so I'm off for now!!!! Good night!!!!!


Margaret said...

Good luck with the new job and may roll over from temp soon!

Belated birthday wishes to a great kiddo.

Vicki said...

Good luck with the new job. Hope it works out the way you are hoping. Glad dd had fun at the game. Good luck on getting all your stitching done. I need to set up a timeframe on my stitching so I make sure I get it all done in time this month.

xsquared said...

Good luck with the new job! Hope it turns out to be great!