Friday, September 22, 2006

Random Thoughts and such

When is the world going to actually slow down and give me a chance to catch up???

I knew coming into August with dd's birthday, friends spending a weekend with us, karate, and back to school stuff that I just wasn't going to have too much time for anything for me. But here it is toward the end of September and I'm still riding the fast moving coaster. I haven't found that comfortable pattern for dd and I in the mornings and the evenings seem to push along just as fast. Of course there has been some minor upheaval and we are only about a month into the school year but it has got to get better than this. I need the time for me to unwind and not be tired like I was this am.

OK rant over......

I started this post a couple of days ago(9/22 and today is 9/27 in actual) and it just takes something in life to make you think about what's important. For those of you reading from the DC area, you'll know what I'm talking about....the rest of you will get a chance to figure it out.
Yesterday on the news was a major story about a Hit and Run incident. (Yeah you are thinking no big deal right now) The incident itself happened on the road right outside of my office though. I make the turn in the morning usually right at the intersection where the body of the lady was found. If I go out to lunch at Wendy's or McDonalds, one of the last turns I make prior to getting back to my office is the intersection where the lady was struck after attempting to follow her husband across the street, just doing nothing but walking to the metro to head down to DC probably. If you drive on the road, the police markings are there and you can distinctly see the one tire print that was probably where the lady was caught and drug. Why does something so senseless has to happen. It makes you look at relationships and treasure each moment you have left.

OK sad moment over...

Here's the updates........

I have been working on Family,Home Love

I have 2 of the outside words done and almost 4 of the 6 lines, that's the good news

The bad news is that I haven't been doing much more than that(see my rant above)


Things are going OK here with her. She has been back to old ways in forgetting to bring stuff home or having it mixed up with a seatmates stuff. That drives me bonkers. She has helped out with the LFI kids at school (disabled kids) and enjoyed it and signed up and got peer mediator, and picked out an instrument that she wants to try for band this year(flute...I used to play clarinets and saxophones). We will see what happens with that. To think she also wants to add basketball this winter....YIKES. I have one busy little gal now, but as long as the grades and stuff doesn't suffer, I don't care, it means less time for friends but they can deal too. She also is getting ready to test for next belt level and is enjoying karate. I love seeing her face light up when she does well with a form or whatever.


I was made the offer and accepted it with the company. It was right where I'd hope and a bit more. I helped quite a bit with close and with another one just around the corner......we will see what happens.

Well I think this is it for now......I'll try to be better about hitting here and doing other things. I just wish it would calm down so I could find some kind of flow if you get it.


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~Velda said...

Now if life slowed down it wouldn't be as exciting right? lol...congrats on the new job. Nice to finally see an update ;)