Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It’s amazing that what’s old is new again in so many things. I’ve been watching TV with my dd in the mornings and at night before she goes to bed, and the toys that we see coming up are things that I used to play with or were the “hot item” just after I outgrew them. She is constantly asking me, did you have this as a kid and if so when did it come out. It is kind of fun to see but also reminds me of just how old I really am. I can see why this stuff is reappearing too, as people from my generation are now parents and want their kids to enjoy the things we used to do and go back to a time, where innocence was bliss and we didn’t have to deal with terrorists, school shootings or the like. It really is amazing that it just takes a kid making up a story to get a school system in a hubbub like it did in the past 2 weeks in my area; and in some respects a shame too. I remember in elementary school having to evacuate our building for a bomb threat. I don’t even remember if they figured out who called it in but people were calm, cool and collected and no over panic. Now it is a terrorist threat, some whacko being dumb, or kids being stupid. It is just a shame that the world has to come to this over a few people who can’t agree to disagree or compromise or whatever.

Anyway let me leave my soapbox…….(there much better)

The past couple of weeks have been crazy on many levels. DD has had issues with a few of the kids in aftercare and also has gotten 2 versions of the stomach bug and I seem to have followed her like a week after each. Also I basically spent the night at work one night to finish up financials. It was nice though as that Friday I got a nice gift card and spent a portion of it on PR’s Enchanted Fairy. The rest will probably go for a nice dinner out. Stitchingwise, I hit a slight slump and speed bump as all of this made things suffer and I really haven’t had time to pick up much of anything except family, home, love during dd’s karate practices. I hope though that the past night or 2 has made things relax and work on it more.
Well that’s what’s been going on….catch y’all soon!!


~Velda said...

hmm sounds like an enchanted fairy SAL is in order :) Sometimes if I wonder if those throw back toys are being brought out because they KNOW we (us in our 40s) WILL buy them lol --the ads are directed at us, not our kids LOL

xsquared said...

It amazes me the toys that are back! Cabbage Patch Kids, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake... who would have thought that our kids would be playing with those!

Margaret said...

My daughter just giggles when I tell her I played with those toys!