Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The State of the Stitching and Other End Stuff

First off...Happy New Year everyone!!! (this post may show a 2006 start date but it is finished in 2007)

It is amazing what I hear and get from dd's karate class. The instructor was going on with them about how they practice in class and how it can be representative of how they will perform on the test and about challenging yourself to keep trying harder so things won't be boring. It is so amazing how it can/does apply to life too. Life is a challenge and if we keep trying our best and pushing ourselves to be the best..... it can be amazing the things we can accomplish. I guess that will be my big goal(resolution) for the year is to try my best at everything I do.

Speaking of a new year......... another one is upon us and I guess it is time to start to lay out my goals/dreams for the new year as far as stitching goes. My main goal is to end the year with less WIPs than when I started it. Big dreams.....I know. Life has a habit of getting in my way, but if I can find a workable rotation(another topic for blog), then I think I can accomplish just that.

To be more specific though with this goal, I'd like to say that I finished the following:

Gift of Peace, Apache Wedding, High Flight and dd's teddy bear birth sampler. I also want to finish all of the small L*K Christmas virtues from 2006. I also will need to be involved in an exchange somewhere along the year on the CSC board.

I'd like to say I made significant distance on my first titanic piece, giggles,lady of the flag, queen of freedom and finally simply welcome as well as SAL(enchanted cottage).

2006 was a somewhat disappointing year for stitching but I am trying to improve and make my challenges for 2007!!!

Until next time!!!

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xsquared said...

Great plan for the New Year! I'd also love to end with less WIPs, but oh, I'm so bad about starting new projects!