Monday, December 04, 2006

Crazy times ahead

Just when I thought I was finding that bit of balance in my life, the holidays have come in full force. You thought I was scarce before, that was nothing compared to the next few months.

DD will be having basketball practices on Saturday during December 9 and 16th and then games start right after the holidays on Saturday’s looks like afternoon times. Karate will have to probably shift from 1 during the week and Saturday back to 2 during the week unless practice is on 1 of those days and then Saturday, or will have to see about getting off early just during those couple of months. She will also have a belt test in there and I think a sparring competition also. So you see the entire amount of running I’m doing.

I’ll also have a hectic work schedule in January because of year-end and extra time will be spent at work, so my life is about to go crazy.

Keeping that in mind while it is a stitchathon month at Cross Stitch Crazy, I’m staying low on goals:

RR’s from another board (have 1 in possession to date and 2nd on way)
Finish Family Home Love by year - end!
Whatever else hits me and time allows!

Been kind of in a slump and just need to find my groove again


velda said...

well my friend I hope you get your groove back soon. And I wish you at least a few slow quiet days ((Hugs))

Margaret said...

I hope you get out of your slump soon!