Sunday, January 06, 2008

2008 Stitching Goals

I don't want to make too many simply because I don't want to be disappointed if I have a year like last year.

1. I want to stitch as much as possible on my WIPS

2.Would like to finish Simply Welcome (started late December 2007)

3. Work on to potentially finish Enchanted Fairy

4. Do all 12 of the L*K Christmas virtue ornaments and get them in ornament fashion

5. See significant results in Love with Capital L, Gift of Peace, Apache Wedding, and Enchanted Cottage

6. Finish DD's birth sampler and at least 1 olympic stamp.

7. Work on whatever else call my name.

That being said...I had mentioned the 10 project challenge last year. I'm renewing my challenge.

I'm on for the 10 projects with 2 exceptions: JCS ornament issue(assuming I'm not done by then) and any supplies I might not have or need to refresh for the projects on the challenge. I also reserve the right to change projects in the 10 group. This will be my start list and I'll add more as needed.

1. At least 6 of the L*K Christmas Virtues Ornaments (can be changed to all 12 but if that is only hold-up at end then I'll consider it done)

2. Enchanted Fairy

3. Apache Wedding

4. Enchanted Cottage

5. Simply Welcome

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xsquared said...

Your goals look great! I should probably write mine down too - maybe that would encourage me to stitch more this year?