Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New stuff

This is last week at my old job and while I'm a little sad to leave several good people...the place is still a mess and headed for more trouble and I just don't want to be there. I'm off to a new job next week.

DD took her makeup test tonight and passed pretty well I think. She's now a Red belt and a new class so the schedule get rearranged yet again but it is in decent shape. Karate is now going to have options for Mon-7pm, Wed-7pm, Fri-6pm and Sat- 11am. Basketball practice is Thursday nights and games Sat mornings and startin next month (less than 2 weeks is honor's chorus).......Let the road trips begin!!!!!!

Also took the gal to a college women's basketball game and we picked a good one as the game went into double overtime before the home team won. We had a good time and she got to see some of the best of the women's college game play and perhaps see some of the things they do to incorporate into her game.

We enjoyed a nice long weekend also.

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~V said...

congrats to your dd!!!

Good luck this week..are you going to a new job?