Thursday, September 15, 2011

Short but sweet and updates galore

Firstly......15 years ago yesterday I started my life with the one guy who totally completes my life and makes it fun and fresh everyday. My soulmate and best friend (C). I love you with all my heart hon and I hope we have many more steps on this road together.

2 years of abandoning this blog and I guess I needed to get back to many things and refresh my life including this. I kind of have pulled out my stitching. I have been working on L*K Christmas. Hopefully my bug is coming back for enjoyment and that spirit of accomplishment.

The same situation of work has come full circle of 3 years ago and I want out tho there might be a few things that might stop me. I did make a move and have started back to school this summer. I've been taking 8 week online classes and am working toward a management certificate. My goal is enough hours and the known missing classes to sit for my CPA soon. Work has shown me one thing though. I have had some pretty good bosses in the past and all up til now have been average or better. My top dawg has shown me what a very poor manager is. I like my immediate boss, he and I get each other well. He would be one reason I don't want to leave.

M is now a high school freshmen ( where did the time go??) Coming into the end of the 1st quarter she has 4A's and 3 B's (lowest B is an 85, other 2 are 88's). Classes are semesters here tho. Hopefully it will continue. She is part of the drama club, culinary club and one other. She is a part of the stage crew for the fall production. We will see about the spring musical, she's not 100% thrilled with it. We will see what happens.

More later

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