Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Week 4 basketball and other crud

Week 4 was not a bad week for the girl basketballwise. We won like 20-4. DD played decent 3 boards and a few missed shots but overall not bad.

The week for me wasn't good. Between trying to get work stuff done that is manditory year end and a few other things.....it was just ugly. Friday afternoon (1/30) my grandmother died from a post op infection that she wasn't strong enough to fight off. Her kidneys failed and shortly it was mild support before she just stopped breathing and we had a DNR on her anyway. Funeral was yesterday and the Brit relatives are going home tomorrow (safe travel vibes would be welcome please!!!!).

DD got a part in the chorus of the play, only thing was the number of 7-8 graders who tried out and they tried to place in the main spots first probably kept her from getting a main part but she'll gain experience and that is the key thing this year.

She also passed her make-up test after part way through minor injuring herself. She twisted around her hip a little too hard and quick in one move and it was bad enough that she was in tears. She really debated about finishing it and the instructor was impressed that she did go ahead to finish it and was pretty lienient on her stances because of it. She is now solid BROWN!!!! Almost there for black belt probably about another year (cause it will be 2 3mo tests to move 2 ranks up and then 6 mo til they test for the black) I'm excited for her.

Well that's it for now!!

til later!

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Kristin said...

Congrats on her brown belt.

HOping the next few days bring safe travel for your relatives and the start of healing for everyone.