Monday, March 13, 2006

Just a few rambles

I thought I needed to post an update here, while getting my mind focused on the work issues at hand and game planned, so off I go......

Firstly, I wanted to post a shout out to my high school alma mater girl's basketball team on winning the state 1A championship!!!!!! You have made our small towns and community proud by your accomplishment!! For those not in the know(most all of you), my school population was 800 kids (200 a grade 9-12) and not always made up of the most talented kids there. The last time we hoisted a state title girls was back in 1986 for softball and I don't think the guys have had one recent either so something like this is a real big deal!!!!

Secondly, to the gals on (Cross Stitch Crazy). I wanted to thank you for your calming vibes last week.

Most of the situation dealt with dd not wanting to go to school or getting worked up at school over Math and a couple of boys teasing her about it. I think it was the boys more than the math, based on the teacher's repsonse to my email about the situation. The teacher told me she got an A on her fraction quiz ( the subject she was having a bit of trouble with) and her teacher also told me that she doesn't worry too much about her and not getting things....dd usually tries to work it out before the teacher can help her. By the end of the week between her talking to the teacher and an email from me, things seemed to be resolved.

Stitching wise I have put the "rotation" if you can call it that on hold while I work on a teacher gift and exchange piece. I should have both done by the end of the week at the latest so I can jump back to sticthers blessing and gift of peace. I am even thinking about starting high flight.....I am getting scary again about starts.

Well back to work and thanks for listening

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JOT said...

Glad things are improving for you!