Friday, March 03, 2006

Why is it.....?

that when you need time to deal with a few things at a time, everything seems to come to a "head" all at once. It's March and month end close, I'm dealing with finishing up ours and my grandmother's taxes, my mom coming down to watch dd's make up basketball game, aunt's birthday, and DH had to decide to talk about the car situation. I just wanted/needed to get through this weekend in peace and then we could deal with the cars. A little background, we have 3 cars ( 1 in his name, 1 in my name and 1 joint) . His has over 110K on it, My solo has over 205K on it and the joint is approaching 100K, (97K but except for roadtrips to folks or friends doesn't get too much mileage on it anymore). We have been waiting for the 2 solos to die but his has been running smoothly lately and mine well except for an exhaust pipe that is rotting away and being very noisy... I think it is running fine. We have a car payment on the joint but it has only 1 year left and we also have payments for new windows but with the tax refund we are getting would kill it, opening a chance to use this money for a new payment. I just wish the timing would be better.

Anyway let me run...I just needed to vent.

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