Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year etc

Well, it is a brand new year 11 days in and I'm chillin' watching football and typing from my living room. It is going to start out kind of busy...dd is still doing karate, and basketball for the next 2 months and who knows how quick for the play (gotta love middle school) and what the practice schedule looks like. She tries out this coming week and I hope she does well enough to get what she wants. School is going decent for her....minor struggle with one teacher and just not thrilled with another class. As long as she keeps good grades....I'm not too bad about it.

I'm not thrilled where I'm working...some of the people I like but there are few too many people there who only care about themselves or getting into others private lives like it is their right. If the economy wasn't so bad and I knew I had stuff lined resignation would have been in a bit ago.

Stitching has been OK but I really need to step up especially if I want to meet one goal. Hopefully in the next few days to a week..I can get pics up of several projects going that I'd like to finish this year.

Oh yeah, we just got off week 1 of games...the team won..DD got a bunch of shots and she wasn't afraid to put it up...she scored 2 points but had several others that just bounced around and missed....more work this summer etc and she is gonna be a very NICE player for any school level. I just need to find more spots for her to play and do well with!

That's it for now.....catch y'all later!

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Kristin said...

Glad to see an update from you sweetie!