Wednesday, January 21, 2009

well I'm back..

Made myself a minor promise to try to be over here more frequently for updates and such and hopefully I'll live up to it. However we are seeing those nasty traits of 3rd or 4th grade peek up again so I may lose out on time because I have to jump back behind dd and make sure she's getting everything done again.

Also, for those who don't frequent my favorite bbs, my grandmother is in the hospital. The origanl reason was internal bleeding that they eventually got under control but not until they had a major bout that placed her in ICU for a while; in the meantime she developed pnemonia/empsema(I know not spelled correctly) symptoms which kept her in there for a bit until Monday. She's now in a private room and has her brother & wife and sister from England arriving today for 2 weeks to help us deal with all of the issues.

I have put needle to thread here and there but nothing really noticable to post that I can get a good camera phone picture of yet and I keep forgetting to charge digital camera's batteries so y'all have to wait on that front.

Week 2 of basketball went well for DD, we clobbered the opposing team to the point we had to reign in the D ( had to do it once last year too). DD scored another basket and brought down 3 rebounds but wasn't into the game until late...she thought we had afternoon games all the time but we only had the 1 first week. Need to make sure she gets that for this week!

Til Later!!!

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Kristin said...

Good luck keeping dd on track with her school work. That can be a pain sometimes (speaking from experience). Hope your grandmother improves quickly.